What we recommend you purchase for your new Shorthair or Scottish Fold Kitten or Cat: (And some of our favourite products)

Arm & Hammer Multi Cat Litter

This is the litter we use for all of our cats and kittens. It is recommended that you purchase this type of litter for your new kitten, at least until they are adjusted to their new home, smells, and the location of the litterboxes in your home. 
My findings are that it is low tracking, and masks the bad smells well!

Fromm Beef Livattini Kibble

All of our adult bengals eat this kibble and both love and thrive on it! We try to wean the kittens off of their soft food to kibble,but some take longer and can be stubborn. Be prepared to feed your new kitten the below foods for the first few months!
Almo Nature Chicken Drumstick

This is 100% all natural chicken in broth, I have never seen a cat or kitten refuse it! We feed this to all of our kittens, so make sure you have some at home. 
Purina Proplan Savor Chicken and Rice Flavour
We wean our kittens onto this food as it is healthy and very soft. We also feed this to our adults daily. They love it! 
NuVet Plus Feline
This is a powder additive that we mix into their soft food. It is full of vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, herbs, and more! It keeps your cat healthy, and boosts her immune system. 
This product of FDA approved, and human grade!
Use code: 63901 to Order your feline vitamins!
Progut Plus Probiotic Powder
We need probiotics, so why don't our kitties? 
We mix this into their soft food daily and it promotes a healthy digestive system! 
This can be purchased from most vet clinics.
A few TALL, carpeted scratching posts
Our Bengals & British Shorthairs love to climb HIGH! They love to play on, scratch and snooze on their cat posts. Giving them the opportunity to climb, and scratch on their own things, will help prevent them from scratching your furniture, or climb up your cupboards.
You must teach them at a young age that it is only okay to climb or scratch their own trees and toys. This habit will stick with them for life!
Feather Teasers/Wand Toys
These will not only give your kitten or cat exercise, and entertainment, but will also help him or her bond to you more closely. It is an activity that you both can enjoy!
Cardboard Cat Scratchers
These are an inexpensive way to provide your kitty with something to scratch! You can also add spray on, or loose cat nip to attract them to scratch there instead of your furniture.
SSSCAT Spray Training System
This is the product we use to keep the cats off of our countertops, and away from behind our TV console where there are a lot of cords to chew! It works fantastically, and eventually they get the picture and stop going to the areas that you do not want them to go!
This can be purchased on amazon or most pet stores.
Kitty Nail Caps
These are caps to put on top of your cat's nails so that he or she cannot accidentally scratch your kids, furniture, etc. They are comfortable and come in an array of stylist colours. They last about 3 weeks, and when one pops off we just replace it with another.
These can be purchased at most pet stores, however, they are cheaper on amazon! Please make sure they come with the glue of purchasing from amazon. 
We truly hope this page has helped provide you with the proper information for your new Exotic Mirage kitten!